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I have no hesitation in recommending Defender Publishing to any prospective client. They will give you their best shot every time. 
Patrick Heron, best selling author of Apocalypse Soon.

The publisherís creative promotion, publicity, and marketing acumen match the very best of even the top New York publishing houses - such as the Penguin group - with which Iíve been involved. I recommend them highly.
Terry James, author of 16 books.

I can now say, with all confidence, that my trust was well placed. The staff have been true to their word and have not only met my expectations, but have exceeded them.
Keith A. Robinson, author of Logic's End

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Making the A-List Ė How To Achieve Author Acclaim

The Bill Salus Success Story

In this day of busy Literary Agents and Publisherís that refuse to accept unsolicited works from upstart authors, how does a good writer get his or her foot in the door? If you are a new or struggling author having a hard time finding an open door to advance your "Diamond in the Rough" manuscript through, donít despair, this is a story that is sure to bring you HOPE!

Resembling these above remarks was a virtually unknown writer who had faithfully poured six years of his life into a book about Bible prophecy. It was his first attempt at writing; however through time his diligent studies graduated from notes into chapters and low and behold a BEST-SELLER made its way to bookstore shelves.

The author is Bill Salus, the book Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, and the success story reads as follows: After knocking upon door following shut door, Salus resigned himself to the thought that self or subsidized publishing was the only way left to go. Unfortunately he realized that both of these options were costly and lacked guarantees. Learning the ropes the hard way Bill had become frustrated by manipulative money hungry literary agents. Thinking he had no way left to turn, he submitted his book summary and synopsis online through a manuscript submission service and then the doors began to open.

In light of seemingly apocalyptic type events rapidly developing on the world scene, Defender Publishing Group (formerly Anomalos Publishing) found themselves in the market for a cutting edge Bible prophecy book. Visiting the same online submission sight through the publisherís portal they found what they were looking for and in short order they married up with Salus. In the twinkling of an eye his book was on the editor's desk being readied for typeset and presales.

Together Salus and his publisher embarked upon an amazing journey to the top of the charts. Tom Horn the founder of Defender Publishing encouraged Bill to initiate a coordinated pre-publication campaign consisting of issuing freelance articles promoting the book in close conjunction with media interviews that could be set up by Defender or otherwise easily obtained through some basic author cold-calling, as it is referred to in sales. In addition Horn suggested that Salus create an Internet site, which Bill discovered how to accomplish easily for free through Googleís site. The goal was to generate traffic through this concerted campaign and to drive it to a desired web destination, whereby the interested party could learn more about the book and its author. You can visit Billís professional freely established blogsite at

This campaign set the success wheels spinning into rapid motion. Billís first article, Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38: Which is the Next Middle East News Headline, was an instant thought provoking hit and sprang up on over a dozen websites instantaneously. Immediately Salus and his book Isralestine had unsolicited pages being established on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

If you search Bill Salus and Isralestine today you will see dozens of pages pop up depicting this and many of his subsequent articles and miscellaneous book reviews. Additionally, and probably most importantly, are the numerous blog and / or websites of others that show up on the standard Google or Yahoo search that have incorporated Billís works. These sites of "others" drive many interested parties to his site and essentially translate into free advertising for him.

With the marketing machine now moving in full motion fueled by little to no expense, big things began to happen. Unsolicited media venues became available to Salus. First to approach Salus was Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, who requested permission to publish Billís article in his monthly "Lamplighter" magazine. Additionally Reagan invited Bill to interview on his "Christ in Prophecy" television program, which has a worldwide audience.

Then through Hornís connections with World Net Daily (WND), which is the worldís largest Internet news site with a Christian worldview, Bill became an overnight success. Joseph Farah the founder of WND read and enjoyed the book and began to feature the book and Billís articles on his site. Hits on Salusís blogsite multiplied ten-fold overnight, and more unsolicited television and radio interviews presented themselves to the author as a result.

Furthermore Defender put in motion a couple of basic sales campaigns which not only sold books but generated book reviews and initiated more unsolicited media suitors for Salus. A case in point is Andy Freeman, the producer of Jewish Voice Television hosted by Jonathan Bernice, who was searching Amazon one day in hunt for a cutting edge Mideast Bible prophecy book. This was at the poignant time of the Israeli Defense Forces incursion into the Gaza territory called "Operation Cast Lead". Since the central theme of Isralestine deals with the Psalm 83 prophecy regarded with the Arab-Israeli conflict, Freeman called Bill and transported him into the Jewish Voice studios promptly.

This all may begin to sound much like another Cinderella story, and of course that certainly is not the case. Bill gives the glory to God and realizes that he needed to go faithfully and diligently through all open doors. This required that he spent countless hours preparing for all opportunities, such as an offer to become the host of the weekly Prophecy Update Radio Program with KWBB 105.5, which is a Calvary Chapel affiliated station. As its current host, he now found himself in the big leagues dealing with eschatology experts, like Dr. David Hocking, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr. David Reagan, Terry James, and others.

His Prophecy Update program is aired over the worldwide web and is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the premier programs regarded with Bible prophecy. Now having become not only a respected author but a radio personality, new vistas of opportunity opened up such as becoming invited to be an A-Guest on the Frank Pastore Radio Show, which is called the Intersection of Faith and Reason and is aired on KKLA 99.5 daily and is heard by tens of thousands of listeners throughout all of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties in California. This invitation elevated Bill among the ranks of Joel Rosenberg the author of numerous best-selling prophecy books, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolten, and Kurt Cameron the well known actor, who are also A-Guests on the Pastore program.

Hear Bill Salus on the Frank Pastore Show - Part 1
Hear Bill Salus on the Frank Pastore Show - Part 2

Salus will humbly be the first to tell you that passion, patience, and hard work is a virtue when it comes to promoting your book and general persona. He encourages new unknown authors to recognize that success does not come served to them on a silver platter. He forewarns that many midnight candles will likely be burned and pre-dawn cups of coffee consumed as an upstart author prepares for the day and week ahead. Now Bill writes, interviews, hosts his radio program, and lastly travels to conferences whereby he either guest speaks, and / or interviews guest speakers throughout America.

Most recently he presented his book to Calvary Chapel Distribution and they reviewed it and loved it, calling it one of the best Bible prophecy books to adorn their shelves in the past ten years. They now feature his book on their website and in their catalog that extends out to over 800 affiliated bookstores.

The Salus success story has just begun for him and due to space we canít cover all the intriguing stories and opportunities that have blessed him along the way of his author adventure, but we hope that his brief biography will be a beacon of hope to all of you new and / or struggling authors who feel you have a gem of a manuscript that needs further advancement.

If you too find yourself seeking a successful course of author action but donít know where to begin, please contact the kind folks at Defender Publishing Group at and we can show you how to get published and started upon the similar road to success.

EDITOR'S NOTE (SEE SCREEN CAPTURE BELOW): When typing in Bill Salus name at Google, the #1 search engine in the world, it becomes apparent that over 320,000 people have done the same after only 9 months of Bill's book being released. Imagine that. A new, unknown author having that many people seeking information about them in less than a year of their book's release!





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